9 awesome drone art videos

Drones are HOT with everyone from Saatchi & Saatchi, The Barbican and even the catwalks at Silicon Valley Fashion Week want a piece of it! Discover 9 awesome drone art videos!

For your viewing pleasure I have trawled through the internet to find you great drone art creations.

They show how amazing and creative some people are when it comes to the uses of drones.

The videos below show that drones can be beautiful and elegant. They might even inspire a few more Drone Artists to come out of the woodworks. We would love to see your work!

Drone Orchestra

In September 2014 at The Barbican, drones became choreographed, disembodied instruments that took flight in an immersive live music performance: “LOOP 60Hz: Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra“.

Musician John Cale (Velvet Underground co-founder) and architect Liam Young teamed up for the unprecedented experience that was co-commissioned with The Space and produced by The Barbican.

Loop>>60Hz marked the final weekend of Digital Revolution, an immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames taking place at the London theater.

It was accompanied by City of Drones, an interactive digital environment where players could pilot a lost virtual drone drifting through an abstract cityscape.

Meet Your Creator

At the Cannes Lions Film Festival in 2012 the intro sequence to Saatchi & Saatchi‘s New Directors’ Showcase showed the best emerging talent in the world of commercial directing.

They wowed the crowd by manipulating sound and light as a troupe of 16 quadrotors (flying robots) danced.

This dazzling flying robot ballet, using quadrotors of KMel Robotics, was orchestrated by Marshmallow Laser Feast (a London-based design studio including Robin McNicholas, Memo Akten, and Barnaby Steel) with music from Oneohtrix Point Never.

They broke the world record, twice, for most amount of programmed robotic vehicles flying together. The video below was filmed by: James Medcraft, Sandra Ciampone, Mike Tombeur:

Night pixels

The night sky is lit up by 49 quadcopters flying in formation outdoors: some amazing co-ordination from the Ars Electronica Futurelab at the voestalpine Klangwolke in 2012:

Light Painting

Ars Electronica Futurelab also created this Drone Light Painting event in Linz, Austria at the end of 2013.

The 3D shapes you can watch in the video were made by using long exposure shots of special flying drones called Spaxels which create beautiful imagery:

Spaxels Lightpainting from Ars Electronica on Vimeo.


This year farmers took drones to a new level.

Kansas’s beef producer Derek Klingenberg, who back in 2014 went viral by serenading his cows with a trombone rendition of Lorde’s Royals, has found an innovative way to create drone art.

Using feed on the ground in various shapes, and a clever driving of a grain truck, he flies the drone over head to herd the cows into formations. He calls his “moo-sterpiece” #CowArt:

“Hula Hooping” Drones

“Hula Hooping” Drones have been created by ctrl.me Robotics in 2015.

These custom made drones are mapped to music to create patterns for this night time preformance.

Drones in Catwalks

Blending tech and fashion, designers at this year’s Silicon Valley Fashion Week used drones as part of their catwalk shows.

Hosted by Betabrand, fashion and tech designers including Mikaela Holmes, Heidi Lee, and Natalie Walsh took center stage.

A line of Inquiry

John Beattie  is an Irish Artist using drones in his work. He recently got an official selection to the European drone film festival 2015 in France for his piece ‘A Line of Inquiry’.

We at SkyTango had the pleasure to work with John on his piece, but the final video is not available yet. Watch a sample of the video:

The Drone Aviary

The Drone Aviary is an R&D project from The Superflux Lab, an Anglo-Indian design practice.

This project is an investigation of the social, political and cultural potential of drone technology as it enters civil space, and aims to give a glimpse into a near-future city co-habit with ‘intelligent’ semi autonomous, networked, flying machines.

Drone Aviary from Superflux on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed this list of creative drone videos and please feel free to comment and share!