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Nine-time Emmy Award-winning production team, Steven Flynn and Susan Talbot lived and worked in the U.S. until 2012 when they returned to live in Ireland. With their combined 40 years experience in Film and Television production, they invested in the emerging technology of drone cinematography. A passion for telling stories and Steve’s aptitude for tech and love of aviation, saw them founding Aerial Filming Ireland and they were one of the first commercially licensed remote aerial filming companies in the region. In 2014, they built an aerial stock library to service those clients that only needed a single clip but who’s budget couldn’t accommodate a full day’s filming. Soon after, in August 2015, they pitched a much larger idea of a global drone services marketplace, providing job booking, support and aerial footage sales worldwide, to the NDRC accelerator in Dublin and Skytango came to being.


We believe it’s impossible to police the entire drone using community. We also believe that we shouldn’t need to.

Our goal is to promote and incentivise compliance from the ground up and encourage better behaviours from both flyers and content buyers through rewards and education. Our vision is to build an ecosystem that does just that. Our team is passionate about supporting this amazing industry as it rises to new heights.


Susan Talbot

Susan Talbot

Founder | COO

Susan Talbot was born in Dublin where she attended IADT and graduated with a 1st class honors degree in Film & Television Production (B.A). She worked as a freelance editor for R.T.E and other Independent Film & Television companies before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota in 2003. In the US she continued her work in post-production, winning an Emmy award for documentary editing and also working on other Emmy award winning shows for PBS. In 2005 she became an AVID Certified Instructor and taught part-time at a certified training center in Minneapolis before joining Hamline University in St. Paul MN as an adjunct professor of digital media production. She returned to Ireland in 2012 and co-founded Aerial Filming Ireland with Steven Flynn. In 2015 she pitched her new business idea to the NDRC in Dublin, and Skytango Ltd. was founded.

Steven Flynn

Steven Flynn


Steven Flynn is an Emmy Award winning Filmmaker: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and drone pilot. With a background in electronics and photography he honed his skill both as a photographer and editor, forming his own post-production company in 1996. Among his past clients are PBS, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL CHANNEL, HGTV, PAISLEY PARK. He moved to Ireland for a short period in 2002 and worked as a freelance editor for his first clients in Europe and returned to the US in 2003 only to relocate to Ireland again in 2012 and co-found Aerial Filming Ireland. In 2015 he pitched another business idea to the National Digital Resource Centre in Dublin, and is currently the CEO of Skytango™ Ltd.

Paul Maidment

Paul Maidment

Sales and Distribution

Paul Maidment founded Kite Media consultancy in January 2015 following a 20-year career at BBC Worldwide, during which time he ran a number of successful businesses and honed his leadership, sales and business development skills across a number of market sectors. “Good content – and especially good video content – can tell a story like nothing else. It can lift you up and, indeed, lift the drabbest of presentations, websites, or learning modules. There is now clear expectation that companies big and small will understand how to produce, present and monetize relevant, interesting material. The number of companies who are sitting on valuable assets and doing nothing with them is remarkable. The number of companies – across many market sectors – who are using video ineffectively is equally high.”

Harry Largey

Harry Largey

Global Growth Strategist

Harry Largey has 25 years experience of building and leading sales teams in technology companies worldwide. His range of experience covers mulit-nationals such as Microsoft, Fujitsu and ServiceSource, as well as advising and supporting over 30 high tech start-up or early starge companies headquartered in Ireland.

Harry holds an MBA (Distinction) from University of Liverpool, is an Advisor to the International Selling Programme, a mentor in the Enterprise Ireland Mentor Network and a non-executive director of four IT companies. In his spare time, Harry is a qualified Mountain Leader and has climbed extensively in the Himalayas, the Alps and in Africa.

Scott Pearce

Scott Pearce

Channel Strategy

Scott Pearce

Formerly the senior VP of channel strategy at Audio Network, Scott partnered with Skytango very early on. AN did for the music industry what Skytango would like to do for the drone industry – put value into doing it right and doing it legally. Scott was with AN since they were founded in the 80’s and has seen it through the start up phase, closing rounds to where they are today. He is an even keeled diplomat, with outstanding contacts in the media world.

If you are a commercial operator you need to be part of this. A new marketplace and thousands of potential new clients. The opportunities are endless. No Brainer. Get Dancing.

Derek Balfe

Pilot|Insurance Broker, O'Laughlin Insurance Group

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