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Steven Flynn & Susan Talbot relocated to Ireland from the US in 2012. With their combined 40 years experience in film and television production and multiple Emmy Awards under their belts, they invested in the emerging technology of drones for aerial cinematography. A passion for telling stories and Steve’s aptitude for tech and love of aviation saw them first founding Aerial Filming Ireland, one of the earliest commercially licensed remote aerial filming companies in the region and subsequently Skytango® Ltd.

In 2015, after three years of earning a living flying UAVs and the lessons learned from balancing aviation regulation, clients’ needs and city manager requirements, they pitched the idea of a drone management and workflow solution to the NDRC accelerator in Dublin. Although the drone industry was in its infancy (and still is) their early investors saw a kernel of a great idea and progressed from there.

Today, Skytango caters for Enterprise clients who manage teams of drone pilots whether in construction or as first responders, to independent pilots who hire out their services ranging from land survey to video & television production as well as city managers who have a growing need to manage drone operations within city limits.


We believe it’s impossible to police the entire drone-using community in this regulated space.

We also believe that we shouldn’t need to.

Our goal is to promote and incentivize compliance from the ground up and encourage better practices from all concerned parties; drone pilots and the people who employ/hire them, through rewards and education. 

Our vision is to build an ecosystem that allows for the easy deployment and management of drone technology while recording operational transparency and compliance for Health & Safety, fitting seamlessly with UTM (unmanned traffic management) when it is implemented in the future.

Our team is passionate about supporting this amazing industry as it rises to new heights.


Steven Flynn
Steven is a 9 time Emmy award-winning filmmaker and drone pilot. With a background in electronics and photography, he honed his skill both as a photographer and editor, forming his own post-production company in 1996. Among his past clients are PBS, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL CHANNEL, HGTV, PAISLEY PARK. He moved to Ireland for a short period in 2002 and worked as a freelance editor for his first clients in Europe and returned to the US in 2003 only to relocate to Ireland again in 2012, co-founding Aerial Filming Ireland. In 2015 he pitched another business idea to the National Digital Resource Centre in Dublin and is currently the founder and CEO of Skytango® Ltd.

Susan Talbot
Founder | COO
Susan was born in Dublin where she attended IADT and graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Film & Television Production (B.A). She worked as a freelance editor for R.T.E and other Independent Film & Television companies before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota in 2003. In the US she continued her work in post-production, winning an Emmy award for documentary editing. She taught part-time at an AVID certified training centre in Minneapolis before joining Hamline University in St. Paul MN as an adjunct professor of digital media. She returned to Ireland in 2012 and started Aerial Filming Ireland with Steven Flynn and Skytango® Ltd. in 2015. She most recently graduated from Dublin Business School where she studied E-Commerce and Digital Marketing.

Rotan Hanrahan
Software Architect
Rotan is a highly experienced IT/Web/mobile specialist, innovator and recognized expert. His industry experience includes being Chair of international mobile standards groups (W3C DDWG); Steer for Mobile Web Initiative (MWI); WAP Forum committee; OpenAjax contributor; Apache contributor; Java Community Process invited expert; Patent co-inventor; ARCS project steer. Hands-on sys-admin. He is also the Co-Founder of ITEM.

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Managing a team of drone operators.