Bay Area Drone Film Festival 2016

Are you as excited as we are? It is almost time for the Bay Area Drone Film Festival 2016!

There are more than 20 Drone Film Festivals around the world.

The inaugural Bay Area Drone Film Festival, which will be held Sunday 28th February in the 500-seat AMC Mercado-20 in Santa Clara, CA, USA, promises to be one of the most successful ones, in terms of volume and quality of submissions, sponsorships, jury and prizes for the winners.

The 207 videos submitted, from 25 countries, have been reviewed by a high-quality jury including Lisa Ellman (Hogan Lovells), Colin Guinn (3DR), Scott Kesselman (AUVSI), Abby Speicher (DARTdrones), Mike Fortin (CineDrones), David Markun (Rafiki Creative), Amy Covington (Ehang), Jeff Foster (Drone Coalition), Tyler Mason (AirVūz) and our own Steven Flynn at Skytango!

The 10 categories for entries were Landscape/Travel/Natural Wonders, Narrative/Statement/Cause, Technical Flying/FPV, Comedy, Action, Helping People/Benefiting Humanity, Reels & Clips, Photography, Best of the Bay, and Yuneec.

The jury hand-picked 27 short-listed entries which will be screened live on an 80 foot screen, before the announcements of the winners. Prizes will also be awarded for the Best in Show and Audience Choice.

The aerial videos nominated, which required to have at least 50% of the footage shot using a drone, will compete for over $12,000 in prizes including professional drone kits, accessories, drone lessons and more, provided by Multicopter Warehouse, Yuneec, and DARTDrones, among the major sponsors of the Festival.

Even if you are not one of the finalists but just interested in aerial videography, there will be opportunities to win prizes on the night. Tickets to attend on the night cost $20 (VIP $30) and can be booked on the Bay Area Drone Film Festival‘s website only.

In our interview to Clay Coleman, Festival Organizer and Director, 25-year veteran air traffic controller with the FAA and avid drone enthusiast, he explained that the Festival was born out of his passion for aerial cinematography and his love of drones, but also of his desire to show that drones can be used for good: “We needed to help change the negative public perception of drones”.

Drones have become one of the most talked about pieces of tech in the last couple of years – unfortunately they are not always associated to civil and commercial uses.

Still, there are endless wonderful ways drones can make our world a better place.

As Coleman said: “Drones are becoming an integral part of society in many positive ways, including delivering first aid to remote locations, assessing damage after a natural disaster, search and rescue, 3D mapping, agricultural inspection, journalism, tower and bridge inspection, law enforcement, as well as creative photo and video applications”.

From the photography and cinematography point of view, they are an amazing tool to create fabulous aerial video and photos and to tell stories. Indeed, the Bay Area Drone Film Festival‘s motto is that drones are to photography/videography as a paint brush is to painting“.

Enjoy the Bay Area Drone Film Festival‘s teaser:

2016 Bay Area Drone Film Festival–Teaser from Bay Area Drone Film Festival on Vimeo.