DJI Hasselblad advanced aerial filming platform

DJI and Hasselblad have combined the cutting-edge technologies of the DJI M600 Pro drone, the Hasselblad H6D-100c camera and the Ronin MX gimbal to create an integrated advanced aerial imaging platform capable of capturing 100-megapixel images.

The latest joint product from DJI and Hasselblad features state-of-the-art aerial optics and sensors integrated into the leading-edge flying platform, the DJI M600 Pro. The combination offers users the ability to capture intricate details and faithful colors even in poor lighting conditions.

‘Combining best-in-class aerial optics with the world’s most powerful aerial platform is a natural development for DJI and Hasselblad. We are delighted to provide this unique bundle to professional photographers, surveyors and mappers’

said Perry Oosting, CEO of Hasselblad.

The M600/Ronin-MX/H6D-100c advanced aerial imaging platform will find applications in aerial photography and filming, data for surveying and map-making according to DJI and will certainly appeal to many more professionals.

The DJI M600 Pro Drone

DJI’s Matrice 600 Pro drone is a six-rotor flight platform designed for maximum performance and smart flight safety. The latest DJI technologies equip the airframe, including the A3 Pro flight controller, the powerful Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, six Intelligent Batteries and a Battery Management system.

The M600 Pro is compatible the D-RTK GNSS navigation system meaning that the A3 Pro flight controller can withstand strong magnetic interference providing highly precise centimeter-level 3D positioning. This enhanced accuracy over typical barometer, compass and GPS systems makes it ideal for exacting commercial, industrial and scientific applications.

Lastly, pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular design makes it easy to mount additional modules.

In normal flight conditions, the M600 Pro can stay airborne between 16 and 18 minutes under a 5.5-6 kg payload and up to an impressive 32 to 38 minutes with no payload. The official max speed announced is 65 km/h.

Hasselblad H6D-100c Camera

Hasselbald H6D-100C

The Hasselblad H6D-100c camera is one of the top-end digital cameras on the market. Its large 53.4 mm x 40.0 mm sensor offers an almost full field-of-view from the HC & HCD wide angle lenses.

The 100MP sensor boasts an incredible 15 stops of dynamic range, allowing for maximum detail to be captured in both highlight and shadow areas.

Moreover, the DJI GO app allows continuous monitoring of in-flight operations.

Ronin-MX Gimbal

H6D on Gimbal

Ronin-MX three-axis stabilized gimbal is featured in the advanced aerial imaging platform to mount the camera on the drone. The Ronin-MX uses powerful motors and inertial measurement units to resist high G-forces, maintain stability and hold the horizon.

DJI and Hasselblad

The M600/Ronin-MX/H6D-100c is the second joint product since DJI assumed a controlling stake in Hasselblad. This additional aerial platform seems like it is delivering the promised synergies from both companies’ expertise.

For now, Hasselblad is the only medium format camera company collaborating with DJI. Here is a recap of the relationship between the two companies:

  • November 2015 – DJI becomes a minority shareholder in Hasselblad.
  • July 2016 – First joint product reveals the M600 drone platform combined with the A5D medium format camera.
  • January 2017 – DJI goes from minority shareholder to become the majority shareholder.
  • April 2017 – Second joint product unveils the M600/Ronin-MX/H6D-100c aerial platform.

The M600/Ronin-MX/H6D-100c advanced aerial filming platform was on display through April 27, 2017 at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cost is still unknown for the moment, but analysts expect it to retail between €45,000 to €50,000.