Oreo Drone Dunk

To celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day, the global biscuit brand flew five Oreo-dressed drones over New York City’s East River to drop cookies into cups of milk.

Some New Yorker’s and visitors were surprised with five giant cookie-shaped drones floating over the city on March 6, 2017.

For its newest marketing stunt timed for National Oreo Day and the brand’s 105th birthday, Oreo decorated drones with cookie costumes and flew them over the New York City skyline.

For the Drone Dunk, the drones dropped cookies into cups of milk set up on a barge alongside the East River, from a height of 305 feet (same as the Statue of Liberty).

The stunt was tied into a social media campaign to invite and incentivize consumers to post pictures of their own Oreo dunk on Twitter or Instagram for the chance of winning a trip to New York or Los Angeles.

The biscuit brand is not new to this kind of stunt in its marketing strategy.

As example, Oreo created buzz with its digital marketing campaign “Dunk in the dark” during the 2013 Super Bowl. They also launched the Oreo Wonder Vaults campaign, involving pop-up spaces in Los Angeles and New York streets, where passers-by could try tasting and creating new flavors.

It’s the first time, however, that the brand used drones in their marketing campaign (check here for more cases of brands using drones for marketing).

The drone operations for the Drone Dunk stunt were run by a team of pilots from New York-based drone company Aerobo. They piloted five DJI Inspire drones equipped with Oreo costume and an Oreo-dropping mechanism. Two more drones filmed the show from the air.