Here are some common questions from pilots.
What is Skytango?

Skytango is the world’s first ecosystem for drone operations.  Yes, there are other booking services, but nobody has put it all together like we have.  We have great launch partners – News Broadcast Companies, insurance companies, equipment re-sellers, flight schools. All of these partnerships will come online in the near future – as well as the Skytango online tips of the trade.

We do this because we cut our teeth as licensed operators ourselves and we understand the fundamental tensions and issues around this industry.  Our solutions will blow your mind (when they are all released in the coming months).  Right now, however, we’ve built a foundation that is all about maintaining value in compliance.  For us, compliance isn’t a dirty word.  In fact, if you are creative and you lean into it, compliance can make or break your drone business.

That might make you think that only licensed operators are welcome here.  Far from it.  We welcome all operators who value doing things legally.   In some countries, like Ireland for example, unlicensed operators can fly commercial operations under certain circumstances.

So Skytango is built by drone and television professionals to serve these unique markets but also to tackle the wider opportunities around data gathering and analytics, offering some creative solutions for this new industry. We know what the technology can do, now it’s time to do it and make deployment user friendly.


Please join us, and help us make this industry succeed.

How do I benefit from joining Skytango?

As a pilot you get.

  1. If you are licensed and have a paid account you can apply for insurance through our partners and get 10% off your annual premium. This should almost cover the fee of being a subscriber on this platform.
  2. You get a place to sell your stock footage dedicated to aerials as soon as our library comes back online. We will take 0% commission. There’s no other library doing that.
  3. Make yourself available for bookings.  This works on a traditional map and on the world’s first real-time booking map with the Skytango field app (available now on Android and IOS on tablets only).  We don’t broker for you. You get direct messages from clients and can bid on jobs independently.  Skytango takes a 0% commission! We believe that if you have paid to be on the platform – then it is your sandpit. It’s why we don’t worry if you deal with your client off our platform – even if they found you through us. No paranoia here 🙂
  4. Get discounts from our partners on hardware sales.
  5. Run your flights via our checklist system.  Create as many lists and items as you want, and use it to run your flights in the field.
  6. Use our mobile checklist system.  This allows you to create locations in the field so you can save time when you are back at base. Just upload the clips you want to sell into the already created location (just remember to top and tail them and put your best work on show). Your checklists from that location are then tagged to that footage to help buyers know how it was acquired.  Also, the app allows you to work through a booked job with checklists from your clients.
How is Skytango different from other drone platforms?

Yes, we know there are other platforms out there, but in our opinion, they don’t have the ability to solve some of the fundamental tensions around running drones for a living.  You need to have the ability to be more flexible with clients and clients need to value a job well done.  Everyone needs to value compliance.  

We bring our partners to the table who will help us promote our service in different channels with direct access to thousands of content buyers. Let us help you make more out of every flight.

How does the Free Trial work?

There is a 14 day free trial after which your credit card will be billed a monthly fee. If you decide not to subscribe to our paid service, you can downgrade to our Sandbox that has limited functionality.

What is the Sandbox?

It’s a directory. That’s it!


How does this help me in Eastern Tennessee?

I got that question from a visitor on day one.  It’s a good one!

My answer is we have a platform that you can push out to your local media outlets.  TV, Print, Blogs, anyone can use the realtime booking service and reach you instantly while you are in the field.  Nobody else can do that.  You can market yourself as having the ability to take orders online complete with checklist and a system for your clients to not only be clearer in their communications, but faster in delivery, and faster payments for you – vital for small business owners.


Does Skytango Make, Sell or Recommend Drones?
Read and subscribe to our industry leading blog.  We don’t sell or manufacture hardware and we don’t organize conferences, but we do try to keep everyone up to date on all things drone. We are committed to unbiased reports, educational content, and entertaining news.
Can You import from youtube or vimeo and is there a limit to my videos?
You cannot import from Youtube or Vimeo.  Generally, these are compressed videos and you want to sell the originals.  So you should upload the high res versions of your work – topped and tailed (nobody wants to see the dodgy launch/landing :).  We create the watermark proxies for you.  As for a limit, you can upload up to 500 GB of finished high-resolution masters to your library.  Beyond that, we’ll have another plan in a few months time to accommodate super users.
Library Footage
What Are 'Certified Aerials'?
We have launched a new product line with our Library Partner.

Several months ago we approached them with the idea that not all stock footage for sale was acquired legally. They didn’t know what we were talking about, so we informed them that most commercial drone operations were regulated to some degree, depending on location, and that if regulations were not adhered to when gathering this content – the content is essentially illegal and could be opening their clients up to litigation.

Now….litigation makes people nervous, so risk mitigation is the order of the day. Several months after we first contacted them, our library partner came back to us and said – you know what, you were right! Our clients are very concerned about this.

So now pilots on the Skytango platform can certify that their aerials were gathered legally. But what does that mean? If you have a profile on the Skytango platform and you have a license and insurance – this tags to the uploaded footage along with any other permits you needed to gather the content. Easy right? If you can stand behind your work and you did it the right way, we have brokered partnerships with companies that value that and will sell your certified content at a premium.


How do I tag my videos?
Tip: Search google for key words associated with your content or location and tag your video accordingly (eg or similar tool). Title your location well.  You will find some taxonomy fields in each location.


Can I edit videos once they are uploaded?
No.  Keep them each under 45 seconds.  People don’t want to watch long clips and they won’t sell.  Just upload the highlights of your work.  Don’t upload more than 4 or 5 clips per location. Remember – keep your originals on your local drive. While we host your footage, ad copies move over to our library partners, we are not primarily a storage facility and while it is unlikely to happen, we do not guarantee against media loss in the cloud.
How do I set my price for a clip at a location?
Pricing can be tricky. You have an option to set it yourself or leave it to our library partner (preferred – as they know what sells and they have a floor for certified footage which is up to 2x more than uncertified footage). If you are pricing yourself, don’t price too low.  Price for difficulty ie: Did you need a permit? Did you have to lock down roads?  Price for luck (did you get great light… were you in the right place at the right time?).  And price for quality… how was your composition, and what format are you selling.
Mobile App
What does the app do?

The mobile app is an integral part of our vision. Once you build checklists in your dashboard, you can use the app at each location you fly to develop a work flow and consistency.  When you make a location in the field, it immediately creates that location on our servers and puts it in your personal dashboard.  When you get back from the field, all you have to do is grab the clips you need for your client or and upload them into that location.  A huge time saver!  Now the checklists you ran at that location are connected to the content and buyers can get a sense of how you performed and whether that location is legal – which is increasingly important to them (we’ve asked) and adds value to your work and your business.

In addition, when you get a job through the platform, the buyer’s instructions and checklists will show up in your app.  So you can work through the list and get it right the first time.

If you want to ‘be visible’, don’t forget to turn yourself on in the field!  Your location will be visible on our ‘live map’ and content buyers / news organisations etc. can call you direct.

Does it work if I'm out of cell/mobile data range?

Native App is not available in Q3  2019, so for now, you have to be in range.


Booking Service
Am I always visible if I run the app?

No.  Only if you choose to be.  And it won’t drain your battery.  It only logs your location when you ‘make me visible’ but it will keep track of your movements within a radius until you shut it off.  

How do buyers find me and how do I make myself look good on system?

Buyers will find you via your profile on their dashboard or via the ‘Live’ map if you are using the ‘Make me visible’ function on the app.  So fill your profile completely and make it look good.  Put your demo reel on Vimeo (preferred) or Youtube and link to it. Enter your services and your insurance and describe what you do.

How quickly do I get paid?

Right now, the system is set to only deliver content to the buyer once you are paid. The buyer first gets watermarked proxies of the product, and then if they are happy they pay you directly but you must deliver content via the Skytango platform for this to happen. You can deliver content to them ‘offline’. That’s fine by us. You are then subject to your client’s payment terms.

However, if the buyer is one of our Enterprise clients, then we invoice them and you invoice us as per a normal client relationship and you will be aware of this up front.

How do Insurance discounts work?
You have to have a yearly subscription to be eligible for the discount.  If you avail of the insurance discount from our partners, you CAN NOT get a Skytango Refund for the remaining portion of your yearly membership. If you require a yearly membership in order to avail of insurance discounts, please contact
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