TheDroneGear.com is offering a $500 scholarship for undergraduate female students through their annual competition “Drone Scholarship: Women In Science”.

TheDroneGear, an online drone review magazine, announced their annual scholarship contest “Drone Scholarship 2017: Women in Science”,

The goal of the scholarship is to inspire and encourage all girls and women that like innovative technology, UAVs and aerospace, to rise up and shine, to pursue their dreams in tech and not let anyone or anything to hold them back.


“We recognize that our world does not provide women with a level playing field, despite common-sense and the ever-growing list of female accomplishments and contributions to humanity (…) Our goal is to use this scholarship opportunity to tip the scales back in favor of incredible women in science, no matter where they reside around the world.”

Why It Matters

Although we can see a slow but positive change in the last decade with the advent of STEM programs and programming, there is still a shortage of female role models in technological fields, and still too much cultural pressure on young girls to do ‘girl stuff’ –  starting in early childhood (boys and girls tend to be praised for a very different set of skills), and later on in an educational environment (often leading them to develop mathematical anxiety due to set expectations and rigid teaching styles).

In a tech work environment, masculine cultural values, biases, and stereotypes as well as denying women credibility in STEM, lead us to the conclusion that the lack of women in tech is an issue of confidence rather than competence.

Looking at the charts created by Kim Yee (founder of aerial digital mapping and surveying service company Beacon Sky Survey), out of 20,362 remote pilot certificates in the U.S., less than 4% are held by women.

For the research Kim Yee used the FAA’s 2016 civil airmen statistics, applying data of certificates issued from August to December 2016.

This leaves us with a hope that the current year’s data will be at least slightly different in favor of all tech savvy girls and ladies.


Kam Yee / Beacon Sky Survey

Sometimes the smallest amount of encouragement is all that’s needed to get up and do what you really like, whether it’s aerospace engineering, software design or piloting.

Getting your thoughts together and writing an essay of 1000 words on why drones are important is a pretty good start. The competition is open to students from all over the world and the deadline for submissions is October 1st of the current year.

So go for it! Let yourself be a true drone geek and grow into a so much needed role model for all those younger girls out there. We dare you!


The applicant should choose one of the four topics:

  • How drones can be used to affect positive social change
  • How drones can help reverse climate change
  • How individual entrepreneurs can use drones for business
  • How drones can be used in the education system


  • Essay has to consist of at least 1,000 words
  • Completed and formatted essay to be submitted in .doc or .docx format
  • Includes 100+ word bio about the applicant in .doc or .docx format
  • Student must be 18 years of age or older
  • Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in a higher education institution
  • Personal details for attribution, including full name of the applicant, University transcript, and University email address.

We would like to see more initiatives like The Drone Scholarship around the world to encourage women in tech industries!