GoPro Karma Drone And Hero5 Black: A Match Made In Heaven?

Well, the wait is finally over! GoPro has revealed the GoPro Karma Drone and the Hero5 Black Camera. Is this a match made in heaven?

GoPro Karma Drone


First impression of Karma Drone: It is compact and extremely portable with folding replaceable arms, removable Karma Stabilizer and it is safe and easy to fly.


It folds up into its own lightweight Karma Case that can be worn as a backpack BUT it also includes a built-in shoulder mount for the Karma Grip should you want to use your GoPro Camera while on the move.

The Karma Drone has been designed with the camera positioned in front of the propellers so as to have an unobstructed view through the GoPro Camera lens. The Karma Drone flies quietly and has replaceable landing gear, propeller arms, propellers….you name it and there are spare parts available for it.


The battery is removable and it is easily added or removed from the Karma Drone with its positioning at the back of the drone. The Karma Battery allows up to 20 minutes of flight time from a one hour charge.


Also included with the Karma Drone is the Karma Grip which can be used with the Karma Stabilizer and works just like a DJI Osmo.


Karma Controller has been designed to resemble a game controller which makes it instantly familiar looking. It is also easy to use and it controls whichever GoPro Hero Camera that is attached to the Karma Drone. The Karma Controller has a built-in touchscreen which is great, so you don’t have to attach your phone or tablet to it when you want to adjust settings.

The Karma Charger is an all in one charging solution for Karma.

Also included with the Karma Drone is a Karma Mounting Ring which lets you usedthe Karma Grip with GoPro mounts. There are also six spare propellers provided with your Karma Drone.

That is a lot of drone gear for US $799.99, £719.99 UK, €869.99 Europe. It means that if you own a GoPro Hero4 Camera already,  you can use it with your Karma Drone and start flying and filming from 23rd October 2016.

But what if you don’t own a GoPro Hero4 Camera? Well, now you can get the “Best GoPro Camera ever made” according to GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, by purchasing a GoPro Hero5 Black Camera! There is also a GoPro Hero5 Session Camera and a GoPro Hero Session Camera.  

GoPro Hero5 Black Camera


The GoPro Hero5 Black Camera is an exciting new development for action cameras in general as waterproofing to 1oM is built-in. This avoids the need for bulky waterproof housings. It can also be controlled by voice so if you are busy hanging off a cliff, you can ensure your GoPro captures the moment!

With GoPro’s often being used in active sports situations having a hands-free option is definitely a winner. The Hero5 Black understands seven languages and it works in other modes as well so if you are in the middle of videoing yourself hang-gliding, you can tell it to take a still picture.

It has Wifi and BlueTooth capabilities and Advanced Wind Noise Reduction. Everything on the Hero5 Black Camera can be controlled with one button which makes it easy to use. It can also take 4k video and pictures at 12MP and allows RAW and WDR photos.

The GoPro Hero5 Black packs a wallop. It is a neat little camera that you can take anywhere.  It will retail at $399 US, £349 UK and €429.99 Europe from 2nd October 2016.

But it’s not the only new Camera GoPro launched on 19th September, adding the Hero5 Session and the Hero Session.

GoPro Hero5 Session Camera


The GoPro Hero5 Session is also 4k capable. It can take pictures up to 10 MP and it is waterproof, 1-button controlled, Wifi & Bluetooth capable with Voice Control, Video Control and Advanced Wind Noise Reduction also built in.

However, the Hero5 Black does not have Location Capture, touch display and RAW + WDR Photo capability and your pictures will be captured at 10MP.

The price for the Hero5 Session is less at $299 US, £249 UK and €329 Europe. It is pitched as the Best, only smaller.

GoPro Hero Session Camera

The GoPro Hero Session is HD capable, it can take pictures up to 8 MP and it is waterproof, 1-button controlled, Wifi & Bluetooth capable with Advanced Wind Noise Reduction also built in.

The price for the Hero Session is less at $199 US, £179 UK and €229 Europe. It is pitched as GoPro only simplified.

Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session and Hero Session Quick Comparison

Hero5 Black

  • 12MP
  • 4K
  • Waterproof 33ft (10m)
  • 1-Button Control
  • Wifi + Bluetooth
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction
  • Voice Control
  • Video Stabilization
  • Auto-Upload To Cloud
  • Touch Display
  • Location Capture
  • RAW + WDR Photos

Hero5 Session

  • 10MP
  • 4k
  • Waterproof 33ft (10m)
  • 1-Button Control
  • Wifi + Bluetooth
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction
  • Voice Control
  • Video Stabilization
  • Auto Upload To Cloud

Hero Session

  • 1440p30/ 1080p60
  • Waterproof 33ft (10m)
  • 1-Button Control
  • Wifi + Bluetooth
  • Advanced Wind Noise Reduction

GoPro Plus Subscription Service

GoPro Plus is the name of GoPro’s new subscription cloud service designed to help get your footage out there. GoPro Plus will automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud from your HERO5 Black or Session or your computer. With it comes editing on your phone using Quik.

You will have access to an online royalty free audio library to soundtrack your movie. You will also have 20% discounts on mounts and accessories (excluding the Karma Drone). It is not available yet but you can register your interest on the GoPro website when it comes live in your country.

Is This A Match Made In Heaven?

We think so!

If you already have a GoPro Hero Camera  but you would like to get a drone, then the GoPro Karma is the way to go. It works with any GoPro Hero and you now have a new app available to you which will make editing video from a GoPro much, much easier.

GoPro wants to make using a drone and using their cameras easier so you can go out and enjoy your activities without worrying about the camera.

If you have never owned a GoPro and would like to get a drone for photographing the places you visit then the combined bundles that GoPro is offering is a great way to go.

The GoPro Karma Drone and the Hero5 Black can be purchased together for only $1099 US, £969 UK and €1199 Europe respectively. However, this  bundle won’t be available until 2017. But if you can wait that long, the GoPro Karma with combined GoPro Camera is cheaper than DJI’s Phantom 4 which is awkward to carry, plus you get a GoPro Camera you can use independently, a stabilizer, a grip, and a backpack.

If you purchase a GoPro Karma & Hero5 Camera Bundle ,then the GoPro Plus Subscription Service will be available to you along with the royalty free audio and editing software that is easy to use.  Your epic movie will be made effortlessly.

With the Karma Controller having a built-in touch screen, there is no messing about with your phone or tablet, so the only batteries you have to worry about are the ones in the Controller, GoPro Camera, Karma Drone and the Karma Grip Handle.

The Controller Battery will last approx. 2 hours from a 2.5 hour charge while the Karma Battery will give you 20 minutes flight time from a 1 hour charge. The Karma Grip takes 2 hours to charge.