Time to complete your profile: 5 minutes

You can log into your Skytango account here. If you haven’t already created an account, you can do here.

Step 1

When you log in to your profile, underneath ‘My Profile & Billing’ click on ‘My Profile’

Step 2

After clicking ‘My Profile’ you will be presented a request for basic information such as your ‘Display Name’. This is simply your company or individual name you want displayed over your videos in the Skytango library and job requests.

You also upload your ‘Company Logo/Profile Photo’ which will be visible for your customers to see when they search for/find your profile.

Finally you tick the boxes of the ‘Services’ you provide. If the aerial service you provide is not an option please let us know, we are expanding the list.

Step 3

Once your basic information is completed you will see an interactive map. You insert your ‘Home Base’ i.e. the location you operate from. This gives your customers and Skytango an idea where you operate and if you are near the location they are looking for an aerial operator.

Step 4

Once you have completed the interactive map you will move on to contact details such as Email, Phone and the description of the services you provide. i.e. aerial photography and/or videography, inferred camera, general inspections etc.

You can add details or projects you worked on – everything you add gives your customers a very straightforward option to see if you are what they are looking for, for their job.

Step 5

After completing your contact details and description, you will be asked to provide a link to your showreel/demoreel or equivalent.

This is basically an example of the aerial work you have done. It can be a specific demo of your work or an aerial video you have previously completed for a client with their permission.

Once your video is uploaded you will see a link for your ‘Showreel Thumbnail’.

Step 6

We then ask for your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the url for your 500px profile, if you have it.

This will give your customers a better understanding of your work in more detail. Once all the information is completed, click ‘Update Profile’. This is important!

Step 7

The next group of information we require is in relation to licencing.

Click on ‘Licence & Insurance’ next to ‘Edit Profile’ and you will be presented firstly, with two options: Are you an ‘Un-Licenced’ or ‘Licenced’ commercial drone operator?

Tick the box that you come under.

If you are licenced, you will be asked for your Certificate Number from your jurisdiction’s Licence Authority (this is generally a licence number you would have been given in the jurisdiction that you are operating your drone).

Click ‘Add Row’ and provide the information requested, you can have more than one of these certificates from multiple authorities.

Finally for this step you will be asked for your licence issue and expiry dates.

Step 8

The next section down is your insurance details.

If you have public liability insurance, tick the box.

Also, provide your drone ‘Insurance Information Details’.

Click ‘Add Row‘ and fill out your drone insurance policy number and insurance company who you are covered under.

You might have multiple insurance policies/providers for different jurisdictions, just add rows to add the relevant information for each of them.

Then, complete your total insurance value (the maximum amount you are covered up to) and finally your ‘Insurance Issue & Expiry’ dates for your policy. The total insurance value is important as most of the top-end jobs would require a minimum insurance value and your customers will look at this field.

Step 9

Finally for this page you will be asked to tick the box for the different ‘Certifications’ you have been given by authorities.

At the moment, these include ‘Extended Altitude beyond 400ft AGL (above ground level)’, ‘Extended Operations over civilians’, Extended VLOS (Visual Line Of Site), ‘Operations beyond 300 metres’, and ‘War Zone Safety Trained and Insured’. If you have different certifications, just let us know and we will update this list.

Once you have the applicable box ticked, click Update Details. This is important!

Step 10

After you are finished with the ‘Licence & Insurance’ information you click on ‘Rigs & Cameras’. You choose the name of your drone and it’s registration number you have received from authorities. There can be multiple drones/registration numbers in this section; simply click ‘Add’ to add extra fields. Next you choose your ‘Aerial Rigs’ you have available from our list for drones and cameras. Once you are done, click ‘Update Equipment’

Step 11

Once you are finished adding your equipment, click on ‘Tax’. This is a smaller section where you have a choice of ‘Business Type’, you choose your option if you are an ‘Individual’ or a ‘Registered Business’ . If you are a business you will be asked for your ‘Country of Business Registration’ that you choose from our list and both business types will be asked if they are VAT Registered; if ‘Yes’ you then input your ‘VAT Number’. Once completed, click ‘Update Details’

Step 12

Once your tax information is complete, move on to the final section: ‘Billing’. If you signed up as a Free Flyer you will be given an option to Upgrade Subscription. This is not mandatory but there are many benefits of a Skytango Pro Subscription. See all the benefits here.