You can log into your Skytango account here. If you haven’t already created an account you can do here.

The main objective of Skytango is to connect drone flyers and content buyers. Buyers, such as news organisations or film directors can search for aerial content in our library when the flyer’s video is uploaded, therefore it is extremely important that the video you upload is done properly which in turn can help the buyer find your content and ultimately book you for their job! 

We talk you through 9 easy steps to upload your aerial content to Skytango’s database. First of all if you have not already got an account with Skytango you can sign up as a free flyer here or alternatively if you already have an account with Skytango you can log in here.

Step 1

Select ‘Create New Location’ from the sidebar under ‘My Locations’

Step 2

Fill out the required fields including the title of the location, location image (this will be a thumbnail of your location when buyers search), category (urban, desert, forest etc.), the date on which you shot the video, a short description (a brief description that will show in the search) and a long description.

A detailed description on the area will allow you to show your video on clients’ searches, and will provide clients with more info.

You can look up a site like Wikipedia where you can provide information on the location of the shot to give buyers a better understanding of the location involved.

Step 3

Add tags to your location to help your videos be found.

Common search terms closely related to the video’s characteristics will in fact significantly increase the chances of the buyers finding the video they are looking for.

Remember to separate your search tags by commas and keep them lowercase:

You pick your drone type, camera type, lens length, frame rate, frame size and codec compression from a drop down menu.

Step 4

After you choose the bit rate, weather condition on the time of shooting the video, lighting conditions and time of day, you can pick the exact location of where you shot your video via our GPS locator plugin. This will be shown in the locations of the video.

Step 5

After you put in the GPS location of your shoot, there is an option to insert a permit number to fly in the specific location. This permit number will be mandatory in our next phase of development and will be visible beside your video in the library section. Once you tick the disclaimer you can go ahead and create the location.

Step 6

Once your location is created, you will be brought to your locations page where you can then proceed with uploading your video.

Step 7

Upload your video to the platform

Step 8

Once your video is uploaded, you will see your video on the right hand side. Just underneath you can choose music you want to accompany your video. Choose from thousands of royalty free music from our partners at Audio Network that you feel best suits your video.

Step 9

Once you choose the music you want to accompany your video with. Click ‘Publish’ And the Library Status will update, your video is now live on our platform for buyers to see!

How simple was that!?

I know, super easy right? We have an other Skytango tutorial on how to fill out your drone pilot profile. Having the correct information and the right information on your Skytango profile will significantly increase your chances of getting a job!