Geofence the property you manage. Multiple, layered geofences can be applied to handle different requirements in different areas.



Define your drone policies – license requirements, insurance, who to contact etc. and be sure that a pilot knows how you want drones handled in your space.



Your requirements show up in a pilot’s checklist and they must acknowledge them, leaving no doubt that the information was communicated.


Audit Trails

Access a permanent record of  how a pilot performed on and over the property you manage.

Regardless of airspace rules and regulations, Landowners have the right to demand compliance and engagement from operators launching from their land.

Skytango® is the first service that fully integrates landowner rules and requirements into a flyer’s flight process.

We automatically integrate these rules into a checklist used by drone operators (via the Skytango® App) as soon as they arrive at the property boundaries. In addition, Landowners can audit the performance of flights through their own dashboard.

Landowners now have the ability to define an unlimited number of properties of any size in their portfolio. Using a Google map interface, the landowner creates the boundaries, sets location notices, creates custom checklists for permissions, and finally sets and collects any fees associated with flight permits. With integrated checklists, landowners define rules for how they want drones to operate from their land. These checklists can be unique for every location and be as specific as needed to give the landowner peace of mind.

This checklist automatically arrives in the pilot’s preflight checklist when he/she arrives on location, and must be accepted and completed before flight.

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