New York City Drone Film Festival 2017 video winners

The New York City Drone Film Festival 2017 officially wrapped. Watch the amazing winners!

On March 18 and 19, 2017 the third annual New York City Drone Film Festival took place in New York, USA.

Since its inception, the NYCDFF has become a showcase for some of the best and most creative drone and camera work you could imagine.

The event rewards the best aerial drone film and photography in 13 different aerial video categories including Best Narrative Film, Best News/Documentary Film, Best Extreme Sports Film, and Best Dronie, and one image award.

Here are the winners of each category. Check them out and take a moment to admire the stunning amount of art and work that went into all this filming!

2017 NYCDFF X-Factor & Best in Show Winner: “Mixed Motion Project”

  • By: 2D RUN
  • Shot with: DJI Phantom 3 Pro
  • Director: Ilko lliev and Marin Kafedjiiski
  • Producer: Ilko Iliev and Marin Kafedjiiski
  • Music: The Derevolutions (Bad King Kong)
  • Film Location: Bulgaria
  • Team Location: Bulgaria

2017 NYCDFF News/Documentary Winner: “#NoDAPL: Drones Monitor North Dakota Police”

  • By: AJ+ Shiye Bidziil and Myron Dewey
  • Shot with: Canon T3i, DJI Phantom 3, and Phantom 4
  • Director: Shadi Rahmi Youssif Hussein
  • Film Location: Standing Rock #NoDAPL Protest Camp, North Dakota, USA
  • Team Location: USA

2017 NYCDFF Narrative Winner: “Drone Star Wars”

  • By: Corridor Digital
  • Director: Sam Gorski, Noki Pueringer
  • Producer: Sam Gorski, Noki Pueringer, and the Corridor Digital Team
  • Film Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Team Location: USA

2017 NYCDFF Landscape Winner: “Australia”

  • By: Wild Pacific Media
  • Shot with: DJI Inspire 1, Zenmuse X5, and X5R. First Shot on RED; all drone work is shot with Inspire
  • Director: Gaspar Mazzotti
  • Music: Lumina (MJ Petrie)
  • Film Location: Western Australia Desert
  • Team Location: Australia

2017 NYCDFF Extreme Sports Winner: “Cala d’en Serra – Drone Parkour”

2017 NYCDFF Freestyle Winner: “Fresh Squeeze”

  • By: Robert McIntosh
  • Shot with: 3″ Prop Micro Quad, GoPro Hero 4 Black, and ReelSteady Stablization
  • Director: Robert McIntosh
  • Producer: Robert McIntosh
  • Film Location: Venice Beach, California, USA
  • Team Location: USA

2017 NYCDFF Architecture Winner: “Byzantine”

  • By: BigFy
  • Shot with: Gryphon Dynamics Redback x8 1200, DJI Ronin-M, and the Sony a7s ii
  • Director: Joris Favraud
  • Music: Audiomachine
  • Producer: Joris Favraud
  • Film Location: Eglise Saint Louis, Paimbouef, France
  • Team Location: France

2017 NYCDFF Featuring Drones Winner: “Drone Cake Baking”

  • By: Tilt
  • Shot with: TBS Vendetta Racing Drone
  • Director: Lucas Zanotto
  • Producer: The Tilt Team
  • Film Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Team Location: Norway

2017 NYCDFF Dronie Winner: “Family Island”

  • By: Florian Fischer
  • Director: Florian Fischer
  • Producer: Florian Fischer
  • Film Location: Eleuthera, Bahamas
  • Team Location: Germany

2017 NYCDFF Showreel Winner: “KopterCam 2017 Showreel”

  • By: Koptercam
  • Shot with: Airborne KX-8 Heavy Lift, Gryphon Dynamics X8, DJI Inspire 1 Raw, Freefly Movi M15/M10/M5, Red Scarlet/Epic Dragon, and ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Director: Taneli Mustonen, Ton Harper, Jaakko Itaaho, Samuli Valkama, AJ Annila; Jukka Metsaaho, Shashanka Chaturvedi, Jyri Rapo, Parker Ellerman
  • Producer: Daniel Lindholm; Steven Hall; Mika Orasmaa FSC; Anssi Leino FSC; Jason West; Rasmus Wilén; Dániel Garas; Aleksi Kipahti; Albrecht Silberberger
  • Music: Ryan Taubert  (No Other Name)
  • Film Location: Austria, Azberbaijan, Estonia, Finland, India, Lithuania, Morocco, United Arab Emirates
  • Team Location: Finland

2017 NYCDFF Still Photography Winner: “Sea and Salt”

  • By: Willington Rodrigues
  • Film Location: Germany

The complete list of the nominees to the New York City Drone Film Festival 2017:


  • Drone Star Wars – Corridor Digital (USA)
  • The Mountain Within – Phillipe Woodtli (Switzerland)
  • Rendez-Vous – Yan Giroux (Canada)


  • Mixed Motion Project – Ilko Iliev and Marin Kafedjiiski (Bulgaria)
  • Caos en la Cuidad – Roberto Hernandez (Mexico)
  • Balance – Tim Sessler (USA)


  • #NoDAPL: Drones Monitor North Dakota Police – AJ+ (USA)
  • Manabi 7.8 – Juan Fernando Rojas (Ecuador)
  • Beauty & Bounty – Doug Armknecht (USA)


  • An Aerial Perspective of Nordland – Michael Fletcher (Australia)
  • Perspective – Jay Worsley (USA)
  • Australia – Wild Pacific Media (Australia)


  • Moon Line – Frederic Rousseau (France)#
  • Sessions -Eric Sterman (USA)
  • Cala d’en Serra – Drone Parkour – Giles Campbell Longley and Kie Wills (UK)
  • Doonies 3 – A Drone’s Eye View – Jake Yubeta (USA)


  • Drone Free Style – Rafael Paiva (Brazil)
  • Stone Eagle’s Fight – Gabriel Kocher (Switzerland)
  • One Night in Atlanta – Johnny Schaer (USA)
  • Fresh Squeeze – Robert McIntosh (USA)


  • Byzantine – Joris Favraud (France)
  • Dizi – David Etienne Durivage (Canada)
  • From Inside to Outside – Stephane Aboudaram (France)


  • Drone Cake Baking – Lucas Zanotto (Norway)
  • Light in Motion -Daniel Riley and Henning Sandstrom (UAS)
  • Don’t You Love Me? – Madeleine Dudley (Australia)


  • Cape Town Dronie – Matthew Wade (USA)
  • A Man (Almost Two) and a Dog – Mauro Pagliai (Itali)
  • Family Island -Florian Fischer (Germany)


  • Skynamic Pilot Reel 2017 – Skynamic (Germany)
  • KopterCam 2017 Showreel – KopterCam (Finland)
  • ThisIs Tilt Showreel 2017  – Tilt (Norway)


  • Climate Change Claims a Lake and an Identity – Josh Haner/The New York Times (USA)
  • Kim on the Rocks – Karim Iliya (USA)
  • Lost in Foliage – Dirk Dallas (USA)
  • Sea and Salt – Willington Rodrigues (Germany)
  • The Tree of Life – Michael Bishop (USA)
  • Drone Runner – Gerard Juarez (USA)

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