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You are a Pro. You want more.
  • Sell Stock & Get Booked
  • 500 GB Storage
  • Curate Unlimited Locations
  • Mobile Field App
  • Visibility on Real-Time Map
  • Hardware Discount
  • 10% Insurance Discount
  • Keep 90% of Your Stock Sales
  • Keep 90% of Your Drone Service Sales

Instant Bookings

Join the world’s first real-time map enabling you to be seen out in the field.  Perfect for news and quick turnaround orders from around the world

Save On Insurance

We’ve partnered with insurance providers to provide our members with 10% off insurance premiums
(licensed operators only)

Easy Payments

As soon as your client accepts the finished aerials you get paid directly into your bank account

Your Stock Library

We totally reimagined aerial stock sales and built something different. It’s all about the location

Get New Clients From Anywhere

Make yourself visible and available to local customers and a global audience

+100,000 Music Tracks

Make your aerials sticky with licensed music. Curate your locations and pick tracks that enhance your work. Do it your way!

“Be part of the exciting new drone network, Skytango allows you to manage your content, locations, stock sales and broadcast your availability for a job.”

Adele Scholl

Licensed Civilian Drone Pilot | 333 Exemption No. 12092, Gravity Shots

Our Partners:

Mobile App

Use the Skytango mobile app to streamline your workflow when you get back into the edit suite

Real-Time Map

Show producers and news agencies around the globe where you are and get immediate bookings now

Stock Library

Curate your own locations and sell your assets as stock footage  

Booking System

Take bookings and communicate clearly with customers. Add value to your aerials with our customer checklists

Automated Payments

Payments from our system go straight into your bank account immediately

+100,000 Music Tracks

Promote your aerials by choosing music you like. Put your stamp on your work and make your locations sticky to buyers

“Skytango is to drones what power-steering is to cars. Once you use it you’ll wonder how you got by before it was there!”

Gearoid O'Brien

CEO Drone SAR/Irish Air Corp Pilot, Drone SAR

DCU Alpha

Innovation Campus

Old Fingal Road

Dublin, Ireland


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