Skytango’s CEO Steven Flynn talks ‘rewarding compliance’ in the drone industry on the ever growing Drone Radio Show podcast.

In this new UAV/drone industry, education on what you can and cannot do is vital for successful growth. For users and beneficiaries, it means peace of mind and clarity.

This is at the core of Skytango‘s CEO Steven Flynn’s message when he was interviewed by Randy Goers of Drone Radio Show, a very popular weekly podcast about drones and the people who use them for business, fun, and research.

When an operator takes their UAV to the sky, there are three entities involved: the drone operator, his customer (the content buyer), and the landowner.

Each of these sides faces problems.

  • The drone operator knows that there are risks involved in the flying of a UAV, the obvious one being the vehicle falling out of the sky causing injury to you or someone else or damage to property.  Drone operators also face another big problem: price undercutting by other operators who may lack the proper license, permits or experience.
  • Content buyers – the drone operators’ customers – can be unaware of the technicalities and the risks involved in drone operations and so they push the boundaries of operations into an illegal space.
  • Landowners struggle in managing flight operations launching and landing on their property.

As Steve explains in the podcast, Skytango was born to solve these problems, ensuring the value of compliant drone operations.

Skytango provides content buyers with tools to track the compliance of what they are buying, provides drone operators with a channel to be commercially rewarded for their compliance, and landowners with a platform and specific features to link with drone operators and content buyers.

Steve states:

“We [Skytango] give flyers the ability to say no and not get caught in that tough choice of saying ‘you know what? Yeah, I’m gonna break the rules because I need to get paid'”

The spectrum of risk in this industry that is gathering pace and finding its way into everyday life within sectors such as real estate, construction, agriculture & many others is so broad, regulation and compliance should be a blueprint for the UAV community to prosper in a safe and straightforward way.

Steve gives the Skytango vision a voice and explains how our unique marketplace can benefit our triad of customers and clients by establishing a one-stop, go-to platform that lets drone operators (flyers), content buyers & landowners liaise in such a way that benefits all involved.

Thanks Randy for hosting us and for your insightful questions.