Smart Dublin is an initiative of the Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve challenges and improve city life.

Provide Better Services

To develop, drive and facilitate public services to make them better, easier, more efficient and accessible.


Improve Economic Activity

To support regional economic development by helping to create an ecosystem that attracts and provides opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses.

Innovative Solutions

To provide new, innovative and better solutions to existing and future challenges which impact citizens, businesses and visitors.

Collaboration & Engagement

Creating effective collaborations and partnerships with local authorities, other public sector organisations, academia, external agencies, businesses, citizens and international partners.

How Skytango got involved.


In 2017 Smart Dublin put out an Illegal Dumping Challenge, seeking low cost, innovative, technological solutions in the form of products, services or applications to tackle illegal dumping in the Dublin region.

Skytango rose to the challenge and created an A.I. prototype capable of identifying trash from the air and tagging it on a map.

Dublin Smart Cities endorsed our approach because it takes the fear and complexity out of deploying drones as well as streamlining the provision of actionable aerial data to a dashboard.

In essence, we provide a platform to crowdsource compliantly acquired aerial content which reduces the necessity for any one company to have and maintain an aerial fleet – which in turn reduces their cost of acquisition.

Our approach enables the engagement of licensed local pilots in their own communities.

Smart Dublin remains a key advocate of Skytango and continues to work with us to promote the use of drones to solve urban and rural problems and help with the advancement of last mile deliveries.

Clockwise from top left;

  • Pilot search in specific geographical locations
  • Skytango App used by pilot to track compliance
  • Geo-tagged trash on a map
  • AI to determine and identify trash from the air

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