Manage your in-house team of pilots and make sure everyone is on the same page. Need an extra pilot? Find one who can do the job via our booking platform.



Define your drone policies – license requirements, insurance, who to contact etc. and be sure that a pilot knows how you want drones handled in your space.



Your requirements show up in a pilot’s checklist and they must acknowledge them, leaving no doubt that the information was communicated.


Geofence the property you manage. Multiple, layered geofences can be applied & instructions conveyed to pilot checklists. Get notifications of drone launches on site.


Audit Trails

Access a permanent record of  how a pilot performed on and over the property you manage for Health & Safety, Insurance or Legal purposes.

Why Use Skytango® ?

As the daily use of drones in industry grows, adherence to regulation and the promotion of safety standards is vital, especially in the wake of recent events at Gatwick & Heathrow airports which have raised awareness around their use and the negative financial impact of their misuse.

Ensuring & proving uniform flight operations (as per operations manuals) and providing process & flight audit trails from drone pilots on  sites is paramount.

Skytango® is a third party drone workflow solution that sits in between drone pilots and their managers and;

  • facilitates communication & planning
  • communicates and records site safety in a checklist system
  • provides timestamped process & flight audit trails
  • connects all stakeholders in realtime (pilots, adjacent properties authorities etc.)
  • is cloud based.

If you use drones, the Skytango® workflow tool keeps track of how it is done and if it was done right!

To date there is no way to ensure that drone images and data were acquired legally and in compliance with regulations around pilot licensing, drone maintenance, insurance, intellectual property rights, airspace control, city by-laws, landowner restrictions, GDPR, health and safety rules, public privacy laws and local community ordinances.

Skytango® solves this problem ensuring that all of the aerial data acquired for your reports was legally sourced with no fear of repercussions.

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