Drone Fleet

A global fleet of independent licensed pilots with local knowledge waiting to work for you. Leverage their skills to drive your business forward.


Actionable Data

In conjunction with our analytics partners,  we can tailor data to meet your needs.

Cloud Service

Access  your own Skytango Data portal to retrieve reports so you can make informed decisions for your business.


We calculate costs on a per project basis but you can be sure the end results will reduce yours.

Why Use Skytango?

Skytango Aerial Information Services ( AIS ) platform is an end-to-end geospatial data engine for legally aquired unmanned aerial digital assets.

We combine in-the-cloud consolidated data storage with built-in data analytics and visualisation to provide traceable provenance and compliance-proven data acquisition solutions for unmanned aerial
vehicle (UAV, drone) operators and customers seeking high resolution geospatial data.

it is the first tool to bring the compliance aspect of drone operations for pilots, their customers, and the communities being flown over, together in a single ecosystem.

To date there is no way to ensure that drone images and data were acquired legally and in compliance with regulations around pilot licensing, drone maintenance, insurance, intellectual property rights, airspace control,
city by-laws, landowner restrictions, GDPR, health and safety rules, public privacy laws and local community ordinances.

Skytango solves this problem ensuring that all of the aerial data acquired for your reports was legally sourced with no fear of repercussions.

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