Put Yourself On The Map!


Put Yourself On The Map!

Instant Bookings

Join the industry’s first real-time map enabling you to be seen and contacted out in the field. Perfect for drone pilots, photographers and videographers who work with clients who need a quick turnaround.


'Live Map' Widget

Install the Skytango ‘Live Map’ widget on your own website and let your customers know where you are when they visit your site. If you already have a permit to be in a specific location – you might earn an unexpected fee!



Audit Trail

Customers want it, products are more valuable because of it, and it adds value to your business. Use the Skytango App to build audit trails and certify your work.

Easy Payments

Setup your Stripe account and accept payments directly into your bank account. Deliver Lo Res assets for approval and offer Hi Res downloads to trigger payments. You can also deliver off platform.
The choice is yours.

The Skytango Mobile App Allows You To

  • Make Yourself Visible On Our ‘Live Map’
  • Make Yourself Visible On A Map On Your Own Website (via the Skytango Widget)
  • Run Your Own Checklists
  • Import Checklists From Your Clients
  • Shows You Airspace & Weather
  • Provides An Audit Trail For Your Clients If They Require It

Needing a drone in a breaking news situation could be vital to our newsgathering – and we don’t have pilots everywhere. I’m hoping Skytango will be able to help with that, and as the network of bookable pilots grows, it makes us able to respond in a fast and effective way wherever stories demand.

Morwen Williams

Head of Newsgathering Operations , BBC News

Skytango is to drones what power-steering is to cars. Once you use it you’ll wonder how you got by before it was there! If you are a newly trained pilot and want to build best practice routines then this is a great resource for you.

Gearoid O'Briain

CEO , DroneSar and FlyRyte Training School

What is the big deal?

Anyone who has watched the drone industry struggle with enforcement and the potential impact of illegal operations knows this is a big deal. We’ve been developing our product for two years now and have watched it grow from strength to strength, especially with the advent of GDPR in Europe.

By using the Skytango platform and App, you can now make yourself available for work by using the ‘Make Me Visible’ feature on the Skytango App (available on Android and IOS) and communicate clearly with your client to make sure you are both on the same page with the ability to provide an audit trail for your client – and that differentiates you from other flyers.

Now you can also install the Skytango ‘Live Map’ widget on to your own website and direct your customers there if they need a quick turnaround. If you already have a permit to be in a specific location – why not make the most of it and inform your customers of your location. You might earn an unexpected fee – just for being there!

So please join us and help spread the word. As we grow, our tools to tango will be designed to ease your workflow, from gathering data, to uploading it and finally to delivering it to your end client. We are offering pilots and other production crew, an ecosystem that makes it easy to do things the right way. A carrot, not a stick.

Your membership can make a difference!



My name is Steven Flynn and I’d like to invite you to join our platform.  Skytango was born out of my experience flying commercially for clients where I saw a need for better communication and a need to value compliance.  We’re just getting started, and we need your help to build an ecosystem where compliance is rewarded, and where customers have a better understanding of what it takes to make aerials work.

Please join us, and be part of the solution that makes this industry work, and work well.

Steven Flynn

CEO, Skytango