Testing SkyTango App Beta on the set of TV series VikingsYesterday we tested the beta version of the SkyTango mobile app on set of the TV series “Vikings”.

After a long career in film & television, three years ago I started a business doing aerial filming in Ireland with a FreeFly Cinestar 8.

Since then we’ve moved through a few incarnations and I now fly the Cinestar Heavylift with T-Motors and a Movi MR.

Over the years my partner and I have seen firsthand the challenges of trying to provide aerial services with drones.

SkyTango is our solution and contribution to the market, and we were super jazzed yesterday using the very first version of the SkyTango mobile app.

It was great to have the chance to put it through its paces on the set of the hit TV series ‘Vikings’ (the Viking fleet is just out of frame to the right in the above picture…promise).

We used the SkyTango App Beta to support our flights with an Alexa mini, K35 lens and Teradek downlink.

You wouldn’t know it, but there are 30 other people looking over my shoulder. Are they wondering what SkyTango can do?

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All will be revealed….soon!

Steven Flynn is a US Emmy Award winning  DP, Editor and Drone Pilot.