The world's first real-time map for drone service booking offered by Skytango - sneak preview

Get a sneak preview of the world’s first Real-Time Map for drone services, which will be offered by Skytango!

Ok, so you look at the photo below and say…”it’s a phone with an App on it, what’s the big deal?”

But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s a big deal for us…and for the drone industry at large:

Skytango - The World's First Real-Time Drone Booking App

5:19 PM – The world’s first real-time booking for a drone flight on the Skytango mobile App. Shown here is the drone operator’s interface displaying the job notification

I was in Cork, Ireland working a job for a medical facility, and at 5:19 pm yesterday, while sitting having coffee with the client, I received the world’s first real-time booking for a drone flight, made through the Skytango Real-time Mapping feature.

Steve of Skytango Receives World's First Real-time Booking For Drone Services

This is me receiving the world’s first real-time booking for drone services


So you say “Why is this a big deal?”

It’s a big deal because now drone pilots anywhere in the world can be reached instantly in the field by anyone else in the world.

Imagine! You’re out with your drone flying for fun, or on another job, and you get a push notification on your phone that someone wants to pay you to do a flight because you are close by. You grab your drone and go and make a quick flight and make money…and provide a service for someone.

Skytango Real-time map - Location filters for buyers

Skytango’s interface will offer filters in the real-time map to buyers looking for drone pilots to book. Shown here is the location filter


This is a game changer and in two weeks it will be available for everyone to add to their arsenal of services.

Drone shot of Tipperary Hills

Tipperary Hills seen from the drone


I know, this image isn’t much. But…for the record, it was the first flight performed for a client based on an order placed on a realtime (Uber-like) map service for the drone industry.

If you think this is as cool as I do, please share it, and tune into our official launch on November 3rd. We’re going live at the Drones, Data X Conference in Dublin, Ireland along with another incredible Irish Startup, Drone SAR (Search & Rescue), which recently partnered with DJI.

I promise we have a few more big surprises to reveal, that we think will change the way you work with your drones. And of course, we’d love to have you join our community on November 3rd.

As always, Happy Flying everyone.

Steven Flynn