Watch The Circle First Short Film Shot With DJI Inspire 2

The Circle, first film shot entirely on DJI’s new Inspire 2 has been released, filmed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Claudio Miranda. Watch it here.

The Chilean Claudio Miranda, Academy Award-winning director of photography on Ang Lee’s film Life of Pi and director of photography on David Fincher’s film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, is the first cinematographer involved by DJI in a series of short films shot entirely with the Inspire 2, shooting the film The Circle.

This series, launched a few days ago by DJI, aims at showcasing the technical potential in filmmaking of the just released Inspire 2, explicitly geared towards professional filmmakers.

In The Circle a father (Ryan Phillippe) reunites with his estranged son (Noah Schnapp) in Depression-era America.

Every single shot has been captured through the new Inspire 2 and X5R, even if the drone wasn’t flying all the time. For some shots, it was handheld.

Apart from the artistic value of the film, another great reason to watch this movie, you can see how an integrated drone camera is now able to produce an image with a cinematic quality to really rival a regular film camera, whether in the air or on the ground.

Interested in knowing more on the technical side of the shooting of this great story?

We have collected 3 videos released by DJI on the behind-the-scenes of The Circle – or find other technical details of the shooting of The Circle in this piece on No Film School.

Enjoy this great story:


  • Director: Sheldon Schwartz
  • Aerial cinematographer: Ferdinand Wolf
  • Director of photography: Claudio Miranda
  • Executive Producer: Dana Brunetti

(image credits: DJI)